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Shae Bynes, Founder and Chief Fire Igniter

Shae Bynes, Founder and Chief Fire Igniter

Welcome to Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur!

We believe that nothing will be impossible when you partner with God (The Ultimate CEO). This is why we inspire, teach, and mentor Christians called to entrepreneurship who desire to be led by God in their business. We exist to help you experience God’s best and have greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace.

God has a dream for individuals, families, communities, and industries and it requires sons and daughters in the marketplace who are discovering and aligning with their assignments.

We invite you to connect and collaborate with other Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs as part of an authentic covenant community.

How We Work:

  • We inspire you to do business completely yielded and in partnership with our awesome and limitless God through our Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast 
  • We teach you how to create a lifestyle of being led by God in the work you do through online courses such as Firestarter School
  • We mentor those who want to be activated, aligned and affirmed in their Kingdom marketplace assignment, plus held accountable within a loving and authentic community through our Igniters Mentoring Program.

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