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Shae Bynes, Founder and Chief Fire Igniter

Shae Bynes, Founder and Chief Fire Igniter

A Personal Message from Shae Bynes, Founder and Chief Fire Igniter of KDE

Thank you so much for stopping by this page!

I am keenly aware that a God-given dream requires a community of people to come to fruition, and I’m so grateful that you are considering contributing towards the ministry work we’re doing here at Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur.

We exist because there are too many Christian entrepreneurs that lack the revelation that our awesome, all powerful, and loving God desires to do business in partnership with them. There are so many hearts and minds that need to be touched and renewed.

We exist because doing business that is led by the Spirit of God is an unusual way of doing business and entrepreneurs need  inspiration, teaching, and mentoring to faithfully stay the course.

We exist because God has a dream for individuals, families, communities, and industries and it requires sons and daughters in the marketplace who have discovered their assignments and have aligned with them.

We exist because nothing will be impossible when Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs connect and collaborate as part of an authentic covenant community.

I’m both humbled and honored to be able to serve the body of Christ as the Chief Fire Igniter of this ministry. I truly believe this is good ground and while we’ve inspired, taught, and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs since we started, God has so much more in store.  Thank you for partnering with us and honoring us with your financial seed. My prayer is that God will multiply every seed at a level that will absolutely astound and delight you.

How Does This Work?

Partnership is a monthly contribution to Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur at whatever amount you’re led to sow. If you desire to partner with a one-time contribution, we certainly honor and appreciate that as well!

Every partner of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur will be given access to our special website that provides downloadable resources on doing business in partnership with God (we call it Firestarter School) as well an exclusive monthly update from Shae Bynes so that you can stay informed about how God is moving through the work that you’re so generously supporting.

TOGETHER we can make a mark on this earth that can never be erased.

God bless and to God be the glory!

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Note: Kingdom Driven LLC is not a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, however we recommend that you seek advice from your tax professional to confirm your ability to use this partnership contribution as a tax-deductible educational expense.