KDE Podcast 107: The Kingdom Entrepreneur’s Identity and Freedom in Christ


jgarfield“If we understood how much more God is excited about the dream He put on our heart than we are, we would take a different level of initiative and have a different level of confidence, and show a different level of boldness.”

Powerful words from today’s guest John S. Garfield, co-author of Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace.

We chat about our identity in Christ, the freedom to pursue the desires that God places in our hearts, and reasons why so many Christians struggle with both of these things. John also shares why he’s been able to see more lives come into the Kingdom in the marketplace than in the churches he pastored.

Episode length: 36 minutes

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Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

John’s book: Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace

John’s book: From Desire to Destiny

Releasing Kings website


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